We have developed a calculator with realistic values to show you the savings of working with eBroker Assistants and the recommended plan for your needs.

Hourly Value Estimate

After much research in the industry, we┬┤ve come up with the following averages. Modify the values in the white boxes to see fit your numbers and see the results below.

Monthly Hours per Activity

All of our clients use their assistants in different ways. Modify the values in the white boxes to include the number of hours per month you want your assistant to spend on each task and see the results below.

Industry Average Your Numbers Activity Average Your Numbers
Annual Income Goal $100,000 Update info in the different programs used (including Real Pro, MLX, MyKW, Top Producer, Equator, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Craigslist ) Lead follow-up; Due Diligence Follow up 9
Vacation Days 20
Answer emails; Research information of potential properties such as number of rooms, square footage, occupancy, etc; Settlement Checklists; Document Management; Work on To Do List
National Holidays 10 “Search HOA’s and request them information; Obtain Testimonials from Past Clients; Contact trustees to find out auction information; Create brochures, flyers, proposals; Listing maintenance to MLS.com. “ 9
Personal Business Days 7 Agent support, answer calls from agents /potential buyers (MLS, offer information; Entering leads for buyers/sellers/referrals; Schedule appointments. 9
Training Days 14 Social Media Management (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) 6
Convention Days 10
Other activities: Request estoppels; Connection and disconnection of utilities; Follow up on code enforcement violations, etc.
Average Hours in Work Day 10
Low Productivity Hours 5
Average Commission Split 75%



Hourly Value $67.00 $
High Productivity Hourly Value $134.00 $ Your cost if tasks were done by you $
Monthly Value $13,400.34 $ Value of your new high productivity hours $


Based on your estimated amount of hours needed, we recommend our:

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