About Us

EBroker Assistants combines the best of both worlds, resulting from the know-how of successful realtors and virtual assistant firm owners.

EBroker Assistants was created by the founders of Uassist.ME, the award winning firm dedicated to providing business and personal virtual assistants. Uassist.ME´s founders were named by INC Magazine as one of the top 30 entrepreneurs in America under the age of 30. Read more about it here. In addition, Uassist.ME has been featured in multiple magazines and newspapers for their innovation and quality.

Since 2009, Uassist.ME has been successfully assisting clients from over 50 different industries with their everyday needs. But there´s one industry that has always been strong and recurring: the Real Estate Industry. Joining know-how, strategies, trainings, and best practices, Uassist.ME merged with successful Real Estate clients to introduce eBroker Assistants. All of our agents go through our intense real estate training program previously designed by Uassist.ME and no greatly improved and monitored by experts in the field. We have designed a One-Stop-Solution for your real estate needs.

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